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2010 GRILLZ Ratings.......

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2010 GRILLZ Ratings.......
« on: April 04, 2009, 02:09:47 PM »

Here's my Grill list....Up to date, This is out of 6 Grillz....the 6th Grill is reserved for the Top Five prospects at their respective postion, JUCOs and Prep included.  If a prospect is #1 at his position, he'll be given a Pimp Cup....(ie Seantrel Henderson, Michael Dyer, Jelani Jenkins, Julio, Terrelle Pryor, etc.). If a prospect is #1 Overall, he'll also be given a Diamond Rope Chain w/ a Crown Pendant, the Unicorn of commitments....(ie Seantrel Henderson, Percy Harvin, Jimmy Clausen, Terrelle Pryor, Cameron Newton). Clicking on the names will show the prospect's profile per Rivals.  Also, clicking on the Grillz Ratings will give a visual of the ratings.

As of Feb. 3rd, Auburn has 32 Commitments Total, 27 will count towards this year's class (only 25 can be signed per class):
**Five Commitments that are enrolling early; DE Craig Sanders, LB Jessel Curry, QB Cameron Newton, OL Roszell Gayden, TE/OL Brandon Mosely**

**Cameron Newton 6'6" 247lbs. 4.53 Blinn Community College, Tx. (6 Grillz, a Pimp Cup and a Diamond Rope Chain w/ a Crown Pendant)**

*Michael Dyer 5'8" 201lbs. 4.4 Little Rock, Ar. (6 Grillz and a Pimp Cup)*

Trovon Reed 6' 173lbs. 4.4 Thibodaux, La (6 Grillz)
Antonio Goodwin 6'2" 170lbs. 4.43 Atlanta, Ga. (5 Grillz)
Shaun Kitchens 6'3" 211lbs. 4.5 College Park, Ga. (5 Grillz)
Didn't Qualify:
Jeremy Richardson 6'4" 220lbs. 4.5 Springville, Ala. (5 Grillz)

Brandon Mosely 6'6" 285lbs. 4.9 Coffeyville C.C., Kansas (5 Grillz)

Shon Coleman 6'7" 280lbs. 4.9 Olive Branch, Ms. (6 Grillz)
Eric Mack 6'4" 328lbs. 5.1 St. Matthews, SC (6 Grillz)
Roszell Gayden 6'7" 310lbs. College of the Sequoias, Ca. (6 Grillz)
Ed Christian 6'5" 280lbs. Valdosta, Ga. (5 Grillz)
Dakota Mosley 6'4" 255lbs. 4.8 Little Rock Christian, Ark. (4 Grillz)
Tunde Fariyike 6'3" 295lbs. 3.9 GPA 27 ACT Thomasville, Ga. (3 Grillz)
Chad Slade 6"6" 315lbs. 5.0 Moody, Ala. (3 Grillz)

Joel Bonomolo 6'3" 245lbs. 4.65 Fullerton C.C., Ca. (6 Grillz)
Corey Lemonier 6'5" 225lbs. Hialeah, Fl. (6 Grillz)
Craig Sanders 6'4" 235lbs. 4.6 Ariton, Ala. (5 Grillz)
Justin Delaine 6'5" 225lbs. 4.58 Linden, Ala. (4 Grillz)

Jeffrey Whitaker 6'3" 295lbs. Warner Robins, Ga (6 Grillz)
Kenneth Carter 6'5" 280lbs. 4.85 Greenville, Ala. (5 Grillz)
Ladarious Phillips 6'1" 275lbs. 4.8 Roanoke, Ala. (4 Grillz)

Jake Holland 6'1" 228lbs. 4.56 Pelham, Ala. (6 Grillz)
LaDarius Owens 6'3" 230lbs. 4.45 Jess Lanier, Ala. (6 Grillz)
Jessel Curry 6'2" 215lbs. 4.49 Buford, Ga. (5 Grillz)
Jawara White 6'2" 225lbs. 4.55 Troy, Ala. (5 Grillz)

Jonathan Mincy 5'10" 175lbs. 4.4 Decatur, Ga. (5 Grillz)
Ryan White 6'0 185lbs. 4.4 Tallahassee, Fl. (4 Grillz)

Demetruce McNeal 6'1" 175lbs. 4.65 College Park, Ga. (4 Grillz)
Ryan Smith 6'2" 208lbs. Cordova, Ala. (4 Grillz)

Chris Davis 5'11" 185lbs. 4.45 Woodlawn, Ala. (5 Grillz)

*Cody Parkey 6'2" 195lbs. Jupiter, Fl. (6 Grillz and a Pimp Cup)*
Steven Clark 6'5" 235lbs. Kansas City, MO. (4 Grillz)

The "Shit Your Pants" Speed guys will be highlighted.....

I will not rate a player low just because his grades aren't good enough nor because he doesn't have enough "Big Offers".....Some schools do offer a kid verbally but not written, verbal offers usually aren't listed (ie. uat with Brandon Heavens).

As of Feb. 3rd, here's where Auburn stands, listed by their Grillz rating:

6 Grillz, a Pimp Cup, and a Diamond Rope Chain w/ a Crown Pendant (Top Prospect Overall; HS, Juco, or Prep):
Cameron Newton, QB

6 Grillz and a Pimp Cup (Top Prospect at their position; HS, JUCO, or Prep):
Michael Dyer, RB
Cody Parkey, K

6 Grillz (Top Five Prospect at their Position; HS, JUCO, or Prep):
Trovon Reed, WR
Shon Coleman, OL
Roszell Gayden, OL
Eric Mack, OL
Joel Bonomolo, DE
Corey Lemonier, DE
Jeffrey Whitaker, DT
Jake Holland, LB
LaDarius Owens, LB

5 Grillz:
Antonio Goodwin, WR
Shaun Kitchens, WR
Jeremy Richardson, WR
Brandon Mosely, TE
Ed Christian, OL
Craig Sanders, DE
Kenneth Carter, DT
Jessel Curry, LB
Jawara White, LB
Jonathan Mincy, CB
Chris Davis, Ath

4 Grillz:
Dakota Mosley, OL/TE
Justin Delaine, DE
Ladarious Phillips, DT
Ryan White, CB
Demetruce McNeal, S
Ryan Smith, S
Steven Clark, P

3 Grillz:
Tunde Fariyike, OL
Chad Slade, OL

2 Grillz:

1 Grill:

Players that didn't qualify or are no longer with the team:
Jeremy Richardson, WR
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