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The SGA / The Big Lie: Roe v. Wade
« Last post by Kaos on June 25, 2022, 10:51:54 AM »
The Supreme Court on overturned a prior erroneous (politically and emotionally based) decision this week, relegating Roe vs. Wade to the scrapheap where it belongs. 

There was predictable wailing, protesting and hysteria from the left liberal loons and sky screamers.  There was equally predictable celebrating from the conservative majority.  We had Race Bannon Pence, Jonny Quest's real father, proclaiming "Life Wins" while single-digit IQ Occasionally Cortez ranted through a bullhorn at the Supreme Court actually attempting to incite an insurrection (as opposed to being falsely accused of doing the same).

What's astonishing to me is just how ignorant of the law and the meaning behind the ruling ALL of these idiots are. 

No, you fucking baby murderers and Jesus jumpers, the SC did NOT issue a ban on abortion.  No, you worshippers of Moloch and you hypocritical Bible thumpers, Roe v. Wade did not provide free, on-demand abortions for all.  Overturning it did not create a nationwide ban on the procedure.  No, the court simply ruled that it isn't the government or the Supreme Court's right to make decisions on the legality of the issue. That belongs to the states and the voters within that state. 

This week's decision isn't about abortion.  It's about the constitutionality of the federal government - and the court - involving itself in state's rights issues.

The decision is correct. It's a good start.  I hope the Court continues down this path and returns education, healthcare, marriage, and a host of other rights/decisions back to the states where they belong.  This may be the beginning of saving a country I feared might have been too far gone. 

To AOC, the Hollywood establishment, Big Mike Obama, the protesters in the street, and all the rest who ignorantly shriek about this decision?  Go fuck yourself.
Broun Hall / Re: Starlight, Starbright, Dammmm girl.
« Last post by Kaos on June 24, 2022, 10:03:22 PM »
I’m going to keep banging this drum. 

Today’s episode, Herogasm, was pretty awesome. 

If Anthony Starr doesn’t win an Emmy for his portrayal of Homelander?  Shut that ceremony down. 
War Damn Eagle / Re: Cruitin'
« Last post by GH2001 on June 24, 2022, 05:00:12 PM »
Not so good Update on Brock Glenn - full name - AUBURN Brock Glenn, yes he was named after the school. Do not ask me where this came from and I won't tell you no lies......just read.

ps - he was considered a lock for AU last week and committing this week or next was inevitable. Now, not so much.

We’ve been talking on the board about the emerging possibility that Brock Glenn, esteemed quarterback from the greater Memphis area, may not ultimately choose Auburn. He’s still pondering, but we‘re told that Ohio State has emerged as a serious contender.

If he chooses the Tigers, that’s terrific. He looks really good — and he’s getting better all the time.

If he chooses any other program, well, that’s bad news.

I say that not because Auburn’s future depends on Glenn. In fact, I’d argue that Auburn’s deepest position right now from a developmental perspective is quarterback. You all know I like Zach Calzada a lot. We also have reason to believe Robby Ashford and Holden Geriner may be good or even outstanding quarterbacks. (I am skeptical of TJ Finley as an SEC starter, but he certainly provides quality depth.)

No, the problem is inertia. Where is it? Where are the commits? Auburn has two good ones right now in center Bradyn Joiner and defensive back Terrence Love, but July must be the month to add some meaningful commits. This is when a team like Auburn must make a move. We’ve been talking about a revamped (and better) approach toward recruiting this cycle. They’ve attracted a higher caliber of prospective signee during the past, say, six months. Some of y’all gig me over the “recruiting enterprise,” but the truth is that never in Auburn history have so many people been allocated toward Auburn winning recruiting battles. There are so many full-time folks on this. They’re hard-working, they’re enterprising, they’re enthusiastic and they’re doing a very good job — at least in my opinion.

But this comes down to one inescapable truth: Bryan Harsin‘s job security still doesn’t look very good despite the usual platitudes hurled from the usual locales.

Auburn is getting negatively recruited in a big way out there on the trail. If I was recruiting against Auburn, you’d better believe I’d be bringing it up. They tried to fire this guy after one year? Yikes. Who will be your coach if you sign with Auburn?

Is this fixable? Everything is fixable. This particular snafu is more about timing than anything else, to be honest. Which is to say — Harsin doesn’t have much more time to prove himself to People Who Matter and he desperately needs proof of concept from a recruiting standpoint. And that’s where July comes into play. Locking down a handful of high-quality commits in July creates momentum that can be used in a variety of ways. It augments the next stages of 2023 recruiting. It may soothe some frayed nerves among People Who Somewhat Matter about Harsin’s proverbial seaworthiness. And it creates something of a buffer if the 2022 season gets rocky at some point.

Losing out on Glenn would be a terrible start to this crucial month.

Conversely, landing Glenn would be important because he’s already said he’ll be a spirited recruiter.

Auburn needs as many of those as possible.
Haley Center Basement / Re: On the Road with Kaos
« Last post by Kaos on June 24, 2022, 04:52:04 PM »
Should have let me know when you were in Texas, I cold have showed you the keen car.  :facepalm:

I wasn’t near Tejas. 

I got my own keen car now.  Bought a 63 Thunderbird.
Haley Center Basement / Re: Another Mass Killing
« Last post by dallaswareagle on June 24, 2022, 04:11:36 PM »
Agreed.  The scary thing is the total disregard for human life.  I'm pissed.  I'm fucked up in the head.  Therefore, I'm going to take out as many innocent people as I can.  Hey, maybe a bunch of children.

And again, it's not the occasional loon, this is becoming a daily occurrence.

I have played them, but video games to me are a problem, 14 or 15 year old's blowing away bad guys/good guys on the TV screen, get blown away yourself F-6 your way back to life. TO some I don't think they think death is real.
Haley Center Basement / Re: On the Road with Kaos
« Last post by dallaswareagle on June 24, 2022, 04:02:57 PM »
Should have let me know when you were in Texas, I cold have showed you the keen car.  :facepalm:
War Damn Eagle / Re: Cruitin'
« Last post by GH2001 on June 24, 2022, 10:44:16 AM »
Naquil Betrand is currently committed to Colorado, but that's likely gonna change.

Following his official visit to Auburn, the Philadelphia native said there's a "85-90 percent chance," that he flips to a different school.

That school could be Auburn.

"It was good," Betrand said about his visit. "Good environment. I saw everything. Saw the new facility, the stadium. It was a good place all around.”

Betrand committed to Colorado on March 22, but is considering other options. Since then, he's visited Penn State, Kentucky and Auburn.

Auburn's chances to flip the 6-foot-6 lineman?

"Likely," Betrand said.

He spent most of his visit talking to defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh, who wants to use Betrand across the defensive line as opposed to an offensive tackle.

"I like [Auburn] a lot," he said. "Y'all got some good stuff going on over there."

Betrand is looking to reach the NFL as soon as possible, with the chance for early playing time at Auburn a contributing factor in his decision.

"I wanna play as a freshman early," Betrand said. "I can do a lot over there.”

If Betrand ends up flipping, his final decision date is set for Aug. 27.

Meh.....dude has great size but, hes a bit of a dev project. Not sure he will contribute much year 1. Hes gotta get there fast, if so. Think he needs to slow his roll on the NFL at the moment...that said, ill take him. Need big boys at the moment. And that's def his upside.
They already have a blue chip QB committed.  My guess is that one or both re-open their recruitment when UT slides home at 5-7 in November.

Arch is smart enough to take some dumb Big Belt Buckle Lone Star NIL money, then look at other options when Sark looks like a goner come close to Thanksgiving.
Roundabout way to the SEC?

They already have a blue chip QB committed.  My guess is that one or both re-open their recruitment when UT slides home at 5-7 in November.
Just kidding, though Twitter has just about imploded:

Arch Manning commits to Texas.

Roundabout way to the SEC?
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