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Republican Rawbuttal


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Republican Rawbuttal
« on: March 07, 2024, 11:23:09 PM »
Whoever picked Katie Britt to follow Biden should be tied to a stake, covered in peanut butter and then have a den of bears turned loose on them. 

Good lord she was terrible.  I have no idea what she said, I was so mortified by her creepy ass delivery.  Astoundingly, horrifically bad. 

A couple of the immediate reactions I saw summed it up pretty well. 

Some feedback
“Is this bitch auditioning for a role in the new Joker film?”

“I went to watch the response but ended up in the middle of a bad lifetime movie.”

“Somebody please donate to save those starving dogs before Sara McLaughlin starts singing.”

“How bad do you have to be to give a worse speech than a potato”

Joe’s speech was epically bad. Anyone, literally anyone including my dog, could have buried him with a reasoned, rational response. 

Instead we got a Xanax Karen on her third glass of wine talking down to us.  It was like she was lecturing the checkout girl at Target. 

So fucking bad.

I almost wish I still watched SNL.  Their evisceration of that shitshow would almost be worth watching.
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