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Pat Corales gone


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Pat Corales gone
« on: September 01, 2023, 08:53:27 AM »
Pat Corales died this week.  Was a Braves assistant coach during the 90s glory years. 

During that run I was fortunate enough to get to cover a Braves game and be in the dugout with my camera. Sat on the bench next to Andruw Jones and watched him carve up a bat with a pocket knife.  Stood between Maddux and Glavine. Fred McGriff. Chipper. 

While the Braves were out in the field Corales comes over and asks if I can stand in the corner of the dugout near the top. 

I’m standing there thinking I’m doing some great favor to the team when somebody comes running down from the stands screaming at me to move.  I look back at Corales and he’s hiding behind me picking his nose. 

He got me to stand in front of and block the dugout camera so he could clean out his nose nuggets.

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