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Give This A Try


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Give This A Try
« on: May 21, 2012, 11:21:25 AM »
You won't be disappointed.  Did this with ribeyes this weekend.

•   1 tablespoons salt
•   2 tablespoons brown sugar
•   1 teaspoon pulverized crushed red pepper
•   2 teaspoons pimenton (Smoked Spanish Paprika)
•   1 teaspoon garlic powder
•   Oil, for brushing grill
•   2 bone-in rib-eye steaks
•   Extra-virgin olive oil
Combine all of the dry ingredients in a bowl. Use your fingers to make sure that all of the ingredients are evenly distributed. Rub the outside of each steak generously with the rub. Wrap each steak tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3 days is better. This will make the steak taste like it has been aged.
Preheat a gas or charcoal grill. Remove the steaks from the refrigerator about 20 to 30 minutes before cooking. Right before cooking remove the plastic wrap and lightly oil the steaks. Place the steaks on a very hot grill to put a char on both sides of the steak. When both sides of the steak have become well charred move the steak to a cooler part of the grill to continue cooking for 6 to 7 minutes per side for medium rare. Remove the steak from the grill and let rest in a warm spot for 7 to 8 minutes. Cut the steak off the bone and slice on the bias across the grain. Drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil and serve immediately.
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