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A Look at the 2012 Auburn Tigers

New Coaches Brian Van Gorder and Scott Loeffler meant what they said about open positions.

It’s a standard part of “Coachspeak” whenever a new Coach comes on the scene, to announce to the world that no position is safe.  Everyone starts with a clean slate and will have to earn their spot from this point forward.  On Tuesday, Coach Gene Chizik released the depth chart […]

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I’m Sorry Coach

We think Coach Chizik has done one hell of a job.

Thinking about Auburn’s situation 3 years ago and our coaching hire, I was not far removed from the fan that booed Jay Jacobs as he emerged with our new Coach Gene Chizik.    Now as he begins his 4th year on the Plains I thought it was worth taking a […]

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Irony…thy name is Saban

During signing day ESPN interviewed Coach Saban, to which he responded that "we also tell them that when you do commit, that we expect this to be your decision" (regarding recruits).  Perhaps he needs to practice what he preaches.

If you watched ESPN’s coverage of National Signing Day on Wednesday, it was hard to miss Alabama head coach Nick Saban. Saban’s Crimson Tide, after all, racked up what many consider the nation’s number one recruiting class. Featuring the head coach of the reigning national champion and the clubhouse leader […]

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