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Title: Bo
Post by: Snaggletiger on October 22, 2021, 02:58:50 PM
That Bo?  Yes and no.  I never was a big fan of Rush Limbaugh.  Mostly agreed with his politics, but his delivery always came off as extremely arrogant and cocky.  But I get the influence he had on conservatives and his massive appeal and following.  I had stretches over the years where I'd listen, and was familiar with the "format".  I was also familiar with his sidekick/producer for some 30 years, Bo Snerdley.

I never heard Snerdley talk, but Rush always had interaction with him during the show.  An interaction where only Rush's mic was open.  I had a mental picture of Snerdley, but never cared enough to look him up until today, when I heard an interview with him.  James Golden was Bo Snerdley.  He is releasing a book about his years with Rush, and when I heard the interview, I immediately stereotyped and thought he sounds like a black guy.  Yeah, I did it.

So I googled.  Yep.  He also said that despite what most media portrayed Rush to be, they probably had one of the most diverse groups of people imaginable working on that show.  Rush hired them.  But back to the topic at hand.  He said that 5 minutes before his first show, Rush said, "You know you have to be a Snerdley", which I believe has been the name of several radio/TV sidekicks over the years.  "Which Snerdley are you?"  Golden said he looked down at a paper, folded to the sports page and saw a piece on Bo Jackson.  He thought, "I love Bo Jackson."  Hence, Bo Snerdley was created 5 minutes before their first show together.

A bit of totally useless trivia for your Friday.  Or next Tuesday if you're not one of the 4 people who frequent this site anymore.