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Title: Inflation is inevitable
Post by: bottomfeeder on April 02, 2022, 05:29:31 PM
At a pace of $1.6 trillion a week, they are going into hyperinflation territory. I'm concerned about a possible programmable digital currency. This will give the government, treasury and the FED too much damn power over my pending liberty. Maybe that's just it, they want to remove my liberty and constitutional sovereignty. Regardless, I'm getting out of US dollar dominate assets. The Federal Reserve Note is toast and the whole world knows it, especially Putin. Now, they want a Fed coin? Fucking really? Another bullshit currency without any security like gold-backed silver certificates JFK was responsible for? Glenn Beck is all over it, though. The Great Reset, UN Agenda 2030, WHO treaties (with all countries that will nullify constitutional rights and governments), and 2022 World Government Summit. It's here folks, the tinfoil hat is on my head for the duration. Please don't say it'll never happen here. We put that to bed already.