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Title: You're the one that I want
Post by: Snaggletiger on October 20, 2021, 12:30:35 PM
Hoo hoo hoooo, honey. The one that I want...

Khurtiss Perry from Montgomery.  Well, Pike Road.  He transferred from Park Crossing this year, which was a good thing, because I saw them play earlier this year and that may be the worst 7A team ever assembled.  Anyway...

He's a 6'2" 265 pound D-lineman.  Rated #65 overall player in the country with 48 tackles, including 16 sacks and 14 more tackles for loss.  BIL's team played them 2-3 weeks ago and he said this guy is the shizznit.  Quick and skrong as hell. 

He has the University of Auburn in his top 5, which includes Bama, Texas, Clemson and....cough, cough....UCF???  The crystal ballers have him as a Bama lock, so maybe we don't have the cash on hand to turn him if that is in fact, the case. But he was at the Auburn/FUGA game and I don't think it could hurt to see that and know you could be starting right away in that atmosphere.

We only have one D-line commit so far, and getting this kid would be yuuuge.