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Long, But I Don't Care


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Re: Long, But I Don't Care
« Reply #20 on: November 21, 2023, 12:39:41 PM »
I can't be all in on Freeze until he proves himself and that starts with bringing in the Jimmy's and Joe's, not just skill players but offensive and defensive linemen as a foundation on which to build a championship level program.

Bo Nix didn't have much of a future as things were under Malzahn and Harsin.
He's even said that he felt like he had to be Superman which under those conditions (with his talent) is nothing short of being a rented mule. Daniels at LSU at least has some talented receivers around him.

Doesn't make me feel any better about the beatdown New Mexico State just leveled on us but Utah went to Arizona and got embarrassed much the same way. And Utah is what most of us would call a complete team with a bonafide winner at the helm in Kyle Whittingham.
All I can say to that is that it happens.

Coach Dye always said he could tell when his teams just didn't have it on gameday or in practices leading up to a game. And Tommy Tubberville's teams weren't much different when it came to being well prepared for tough road trips. (see Lane Kiffin)

Our winning culture has been sapped from us and the talent that Freeze and this staff can assemble can get us back in the hunt sooner. I think he can do that much because he has good Auburn men around him that will work hard to get it done.

Probably just a wasted effort but it's currently where I am as a lifelong fan.
Jmar I am with you on the porch screaming: “Stay off my LAWN!!!”

Times have changed and it has to be harder than ever to hold players accountable, keep them motivated and appreciative. If anything, they seem to think that they are owed all that and a bowl of fruit loops in addition to NIL, Ford F150s, Dodge Chargers, weed, skinny jeans and ear bobs.

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