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The Big Lie: Roe v. Wade


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The Big Lie: Roe v. Wade
« on: June 25, 2022, 10:51:54 AM »
The Supreme Court on overturned a prior erroneous (politically and emotionally based) decision this week, relegating Roe vs. Wade to the scrapheap where it belongs. 

There was predictable wailing, protesting and hysteria from the left liberal loons and sky screamers.  There was equally predictable celebrating from the conservative majority.  We had Race Bannon Pence, Jonny Quest's real father, proclaiming "Life Wins" while single-digit IQ Occasionally Cortez ranted through a bullhorn at the Supreme Court actually attempting to incite an insurrection (as opposed to being falsely accused of doing the same).

What's astonishing to me is just how ignorant of the law and the meaning behind the ruling ALL of these idiots are. 

No, you fucking baby murderers and Jesus jumpers, the SC did NOT issue a ban on abortion.  No, you worshippers of Moloch and you hypocritical Bible thumpers, Roe v. Wade did not provide free, on-demand abortions for all.  Overturning it did not create a nationwide ban on the procedure.  No, the court simply ruled that it isn't the government or the Supreme Court's right to make decisions on the legality of the issue. That belongs to the states and the voters within that state. 

This week's decision isn't about abortion.  It's about the constitutionality of the federal government - and the court - involving itself in state's rights issues.

The decision is correct. It's a good start.  I hope the Court continues down this path and returns education, healthcare, marriage, and a host of other rights/decisions back to the states where they belong.  This may be the beginning of saving a country I feared might have been too far gone. 

To AOC, the Hollywood establishment, Big Mike Obama, the protesters in the street, and all the rest who ignorantly shriek about this decision?  Go fuck yourself.
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