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Fun Docs
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Fun Docs
I don't mean the ones that will dispense Lortabs like Pez or write you a weed 'scrip.  I watched the following documentaries recently and thought some of you idiots might enjoy them:

The Bill Murray Stories:  Murray has a rep for showing up in the most unexpected, anti-Hollywood, Joe Sixpack situations...and this is the chronicle of those tales.  It starts as a test of urban legend but ends as an exploration into the motives of a superstar.

I can't recommend this one enough.  Even if all you take away is a sliver of the excitement that each story's narrator experiences, it's totally worth it.

Perfect Bid:  The tale of a guy who watched waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much The Price is Right.  Ultimately, it seems that the film's primary subject was demonized for his singular focus.  Hollywood got lazy in their show production by recycling prizes and they had to give a bunch of pricey prizes away and that made them angry.

Murder Mountain: the nasty side of the weed business in the Emerald Triangle.  Crooked/Incompetent/Indifferent/Understaffed cops (you get to choose) face the struggle of enforcing unpopular laws in an area notorious for its rejection of law.  A once peaceful hippy commune becomes a bombed out warzone and folks start dying.

You can keep a wooden stake in your trunk
On the off-chance that the fairy tales ain't bunk
And Imma keep a bottle of that funk
To get motel parking lot, balcony crunk.

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