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A Look at the 2012 Auburn Tigers

New Coaches Brian Van Gorder and Scott Loeffler meant what they said about open positions.

It’s a standard part of “Coachspeak” whenever a new Coach comes on the scene, to announce to the world that no position is safe.  Everyone starts with a clean slate and will have to earn their spot from this point forward.  On Tuesday, Coach Gene Chizik released the depth chart […]

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Quick Clemson Preview

Let's Play Some Football!

Overall, I’d say the fact that it appears AU will be going right up the gut of defenses this year, means that hopefully they’ll be attacking one of Clemson’s biggest weaknesses. Plus, there’s no reason our D-line shouldn’t be wreaking havoc in their backfield all day. The fact that the TE is gone and one of the best receivers in the country will be a specatator is definitely a plus for the real Tigers. Add to that, Clemson is coming off an ugly bowl loss and the game will be played in an arena that seems to be Auburn’s home away from home….I’m liking our chances more than I did a couple of weeks ago.

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