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I think Georgia just scored again...


– You really think this is excusable?  You think this is acceptable?  You think Georgia just beat us?

– Georgia didn’t just beat us.  I told a friend of mine that it’s wrong to say the final was 45-7.  That wasn’t the final score.  This game was over with 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.  It was over.  We were done.

– You say we have youth issues?  Offensive linemen don’t have experience?  Georgia has played the 2nd most true freshmen in the SEC, and they’re headed to the SEC championship game.

– You say our defense is still getting their footing?  Obvious fundamentals and techniques not taught.  Just not there.  Commentators rarely make salient points about the actual game, but they were sure quick to point out some of the flaws in our defensive play – not scheme.

– We’re young?  Clemson has played with almost as many freshmen (redshirt and true) as we have this year.

– Even if we are young and inexperienced, 35-7 at the half?  That isn’t a rebuilding year.  That’s a crumbling of a program.

– 2008 featured one blowout.  2011 has featured three so far.  Will feature four.

– I even think the 2008 team would compete with this one.  Possibly win.  The defense was there to stop this clogged artery of an offense.  Any offense could do damage to this anemic defense.

– Have we really met the expectations?  I mean, Jesus, we could be looking at missing a bowl game this year if Utah State doesn’t crumble and Miss State manages to get an extra foot.

– This year is bad on a deeper level than wins and losses.  It’s how we’ve lost.  That tells a lot about your team, and this team loses bad.

– 45-7 isn’t just a Ted Roof problem.  It’s a Gus Malzahn problem.  No, I don’t have the answer for Gus’s offense.  I can’t say exactly what will remedy the woes.

– But its obvious that our offense is having issues in the meeting rooms.  In the film rooms.  These guys get paid a lot of money to come up with a gameplan that gives s a chance to win the ball game.  Attempting to throw against Georgia’s defense for the majority of the first half doesn’t do shit for our chance to win the ball game.

– Exactly what were the coaches expecting?  Georgia’s defense has a fearless pass rusher and extremely physical, veteran secondary players.  Our offensive line has struggled with pass protection and Clint Moseley is still green as spring.

– I just don’t understand why we ran Dyer (often at ill-opportune times) 5 times in the first half.  5.  Five.  The guy that could churn out 100 yards on 20 carries against just about anybody.  Five.

– We might not have won.  They probably still would have beat us.  But at least we would have killed the clock.  At least we would have given our defense a chance.  At least the score may have been respectable.

– Instead we’re throwing screens when our receivers and linemen can’t block their large-bodied defensive backs.  We’re running a quarterback draw when it’s 3rd and 11 on their side of the 50.

– But alas, Gus isn’t really the problem.  Offensive coordinators can’t dominate the SEC.  It’s just not going to happen.  Adjustment years must occur.  Talent has to mature to the level of the sophisticated defenses.

– The real problem was our defense.  It was awful.  Our players look silly.  It’s so noticeable that my wife – who knows nothing about football – said, “Why are our guys getting pushed around so much?”

– It’s noticeable.  Three years in and Ted Roof’s defenses still need a good spring practice.

– I really don’t know what to say.  Three embarrassing blowouts.

Since 2005…

– Alabama has been blown out twice: 2005 against Auburn.  2006 against Florida.

– LSU has been blown out twice:  2005 against Georgia (SECCG).  2008 Ole Miss.

– Georgia has been blown out: 2007 against Tennessee.  2008 Florida.  2009 against Tennessee and Florida.  2010 against Auburn.

– Florida has been blown out: 2005 against Alabama.  2010 against Alabama, USCe, and Florida St.

– Now, I consider Auburn one of the premier programs in the SEC.  I think we can be like Alabama and LSU.  I think we can have consistent success.  Even when Tuberville had a few “down” years, they were still ultra-competitive.  See 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

– We have three blowouts this year.  Most likely four.  It just doesn’t sit right.  Losing 31-20 makes me think “youth.”  Losing 45-7 makes me think toilet bowl.

Final Thought…

– We don’t have a quarterback.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s going to get better next year.  Tell me the last time you had a putrid quarterback come back the next year to be awesome.

– Is Moseley going to suddenly “get it” after this spring?  Where’s Kiehl Frazier?  He doesn’t throw.  We can speculate that he doesn’t “know” the offense.  Anyone really believe that?  We only run a handful of plays.  He used this same offense in high school.  The reality is that he can’t do it.  He makes poor reads or he makes bad throws or he’s doing something that the coaches prefer to keep him on the sideline.

– Is Zeke Pike going to come in and set the world on fire?  Barrett Trotter going to regain his position back?  Logan Paul?

– What about the offensive line?  These guys playing now.  They going to suddenly “get it”?  Are they going to hit the weight room and emerge as a completely different unit?  Maybe Dismukes.

– Maybe Westerman and Robinson will help out next year.  But who will play tackle?

– What about receiver?  Emory Blake is obviously awesome.  But are we going to continue to talk about Mario Fannin Trovon Reed?  CJ Uzomah seems to be a quarterback prospect.  Deangelo Benton?  Is he going to suddenly “get it”?  Is he going to suddenly not be a “youth”?

– Losing 45-7 sucks the life out of you.  Good programs don’t feel the life being sucked out of them.  They usually lose in a way that is analyzed and discussed.  We can’t even pinpoint a weak spot because it’s literally all over the field.

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