Thoughts Week 11 – Aww f@#$ It!

Lee Corso cursing on live TV somehow exemplify's Auburn's Season this year.

Lee Corso set the tone.


– Auburn hasn’t played this season.  I didn’t go to any games, so I can’t be sure that what I’ve seen on TV wasn’t some fancy PIXAR presentation.

– I saw Auburn play four games last year.  I know Cam Newton exists.  Whether or not he’s a cyborg is a different topic.

– Because Auburn isn’t playing this season, the Iron Bowl must not be happening next week.

College Football…

– Robert Griffin III is the best player in college football.  Baylor?  BAYLOR?  I mean, come on.  We talkin’ bout Baylor.  Baylor.

– Trent Richardson is going to win the Heisman.

– Alabama is going to have the easiest path to the BCSCG.

– LSU may or may not beat Arkansas and Georgia.

– Alabama will win the national championship.

– What am I most surprised about this season?  The fact that the NCAA cleared us of all wrong doing.

Final Thought…

– I think I’ll go hiking next Saturday.  I have to be honest.  If we weren’t very competitive against Samford, I don’t want to see how bad Alabama beats us next weekend.

– Yes I’m going to watch it.  Because I can’t quit you, baby.  You make me hurt, Auburn, but I’ll never leave you.

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