Mike Dyer Suspended for Bowl Game

Why Mike...Why?

Multiple media outlets are claiming that All-SEC RB Michael Dyer will not be participating in the Chick-fil-A Bowl game on December 31.  Nothing has been reported as to the reasons why Dyer wont be eligible.

Rumors have it everywhere from grades to failed drug tests.  In the end does it really matter why he won’t be playing. What matters is that one of the few stars on this team won’t be eligible to play.

Which leads me to ask what is going on with this team?   Where is the leadership?

Has our quest for the National Championship clouded our judgment in taking people of character? Auburn Men? I’m not saying that Dyer isn’t an Auburn man, I am simply stating with all that has happened over the past year another suspension leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Tre Mason and Onterio McCalebb will now be the main attractions come December 31st in Atlanta.  Leaving Gus Malzahn with even more depth issues.


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