Countdown to Football

53 Days

While the sweat drips down your face and drops to the ground beneath you, open up your imagination.

Close your eyes.  Clear your head.  Do away with any sounds around you.

Ignore the suffocation you’re feeling in your nose.

Picture green grass, deep blue sky.  70 degree temperature.  The smell of hickory permeating the air.  The soft sounds of voices in the distance.  The sight of people adorned in orange and blue colors mingling with close family and friends.

The TV is airing the beginning of College Gameday.  You grimace but then a sentimental smile overwhelms as you wait for the first discussion.

Suddenly it hits you.  A breeze.  A soft breeze that’s cold to the touch.  You begin to tear up…

And you wake back up.  Back into the heat.  The pale blue sky.  The hazy cloud cover.  The sweat ring around your neck.  The worn out eye lids tired of squinting.

Don’t forget your daydream.

53 Days.

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