Countdown to Football

55 Days


That’s what they are.


Auburn will face the following running backs in the 2011 season:

Vick Ballard (220 pounds)
Trent Richardson (225 pounds)
Marcus Lattimore (220 pounds)
Kniles Davis (220 pounds)
Spencer Ware (230 pounds)

These running backs pose a dangerous combination of size, strength, and speed.  Their ability to push the pile is uncanny, and it takes a tremendous effort to bring them down.

Physicality is crucial when attempting to stop these guys from plowing through the line and gaining extra yards.

The best defense against these iron-clad behemoths is to put heavy muscle in their way and stop their momentum giving the quicker guys a chance to wrap them up and bring them down.

Stuffing the middle with pounds is your only defense.

No one knows for sure the exact weight needed to stop a 225 pound freight train, but hopefully these guys provide enough to anchor the line of scrimmage:

Ken Carter 6’5 300
Jeff Whitaker 6’3 315
Jamar Travis 6’0 300
Angelo Blackson 6’5 300
Gabe Wright 6’3 280
Nosa Egua 6’2 260
Craig Sanders 6’4 280

Bulldozers – big uglies plowing the line of scrimmage and bowling over anything weighing less than 250.

55 Days.

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