Countdown to Football

57 Days

“Imagine Auburn hadn’t won the BCS championship last year.  Imagine you just missed it by one loss.  No one would even be talking about Auburn going into this year.  You can tell by your opening schedule.  All 11am games.  Because everyone knows that Auburn was a fluke last year, and this year, Chizik’s real coaching abilities will be exposed.”

You’ve most likely heard or said something similar.

It’s funny how every college football season has two sets of results.  The first is the result of the offseason predictions.  The second is the result of the actual season.

I think Auburn has lost the offseason predictions every year now since 2004.  In 2003, Auburn was given all the hype but failed to capitalize on what they had.

Perhaps our penitence is to be critiqued and scoffed at every offseason.

Prior to 2004, we were going to be no better than 2003.  We still had Jason Campbell.  We still lacked identity on offense.  We had a 8-9 win coach in Tuberville.  We weren’t recruiting well.  But we went 14-0.

Prior to 2005, we lost too much talent to compete.  We would be on a downward spiral because Tuberville used up his one good year.  We went 9-3.  And we came very close to going 10-1 in the regular season except for a tough overtime loss to @LSU.

Prior to 2007, we were once again nobodies.  No one to really care about.  No one to scare.  Inexperience was all over the field, and our quarterback was half blind (literally).  We most likely would rely on on a true freshman QB by the end of the season.  Our running backs were inexperienced.  Our defense was young.  Saban had come to town.  And yet, despite a rough start, we went on to compete rather well in the SEC including a last second loss to eventual national champions LSU.

Prior to 2009, we had a 5-19 coach.  No talent.  No hope.  No motivation.  We were coming off of a 5-7 embarrassment and a laughable coaching search.  The team shouldn’t even try.  We had the worst quarterback in the league.  We had a dysfunctional offensive line.  We had everything you didn’t want when attempting to at least be competitive in the SEC.  And yet, we went 8-5.  Some may scoff at my positive opinion of this season since we lost 5 SEC games.  But we were mostly competitive.  Considering the predictions were for Auburn to be sucked into a black hole, I’d say things went rather well for Coach Chizik and the Auburn family.

2010 is well documented.  Low expectations from the nation.  Big results from the team.

So, does Auburn like the spotlight or not?

I’d say not.  At least not when going into the season.

We like to lose the offseason.  Our summer time record is 0-8.

And what a great way to start the fall by going 3-0 in the morning when very few are watching.  When very few will know that their summer time predictions failed.

57 Days.

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