Countdown to Football

32 Days

Throw the record books out the window.

Turn off the seat warmer in Richt’s office.

Forget the rivalry and forget anything you’ve said about non-AQ’s competing in the BCS or the BCS championship.

Quiet your support of the blue turf.

Stifle your praise of Chris Petersen.

This is a battle for the front line.  A campaign to protect what we all hold so dear despite how much we dislike our SEC brethren.

The reputation and prominence of the entire conference is on the line.

It’s not hard to predict what will happen if Boise State defeats Georgia on September 3rd in the Georgia Dome.

In Atlanta, Georgia.  In the venue of the SEC championship game.  At night.  On a Saturday.  In front of a Georgia crowd.

It’s the environment the SEC brags about.  We’re the first to establish a conference championship which changed college football.  We brag about our hostile environments.  We tout our tailgating.  We live for Saturdays in the fall.  We don’t need Thursdays to help us get national attention, and we certainly don’t need Thursdays to help us win games.

And don’t even get us started on how we perform in night games.

So if Boise State leaves Sunday morning on a plane to Idaho with a victory in hand, the level of obnoxiousness will be impossible to handle for the rest of the season.

Tim Brando – if you listen to Finebaum – is a staunch supporter of non-AQ’s and their field general Boise State.

He’s made it a point to say that college football needs a playoff mainly because worthy schools like Boise State have been kept out of the big money games.

If Boise State wins, that’s one sports analyst to jump on the Boise State train and off of the SEC train.

Kirk Herbreit – if you watch gameday – is another supporter of Boise State.

He’s made the point numerous times throughout the last few seasons that Boise has the athletes to compete with anybody, and he’s made the point that their linemen are just as dominant as linemen in the SEC.

If Boise State wins, that’s one (actually three or four on Gameday) that will begin debating the relevance of Boise State in the face of the entire SEC.

The numerous national writers who despise the SEC – if you read the internet and message boards – is another medium we don’t need against us.

There are predators out there.  Predators who want to see the SEC go down.  Predators who think the SEC is overrated.  That we’re hand-gifted championships because we have money in our TV contracts.  Predators who think the SEC has shoved itself into the spotlight.  Predators who think the SEC is full of cheaters.

“Wouldn’t it be great if cheaters didn’t win?”

This game has the potential to put has back in the 2004 era.  Where the SEC begins to slip from its King of the Mountain status.

I already feel your incredulous grin as you begin to move your cursor towards the red x of the browser.

But before you go, remember this – The media is on the job 24 hours a day.

They have to have something to talk about.

This is not the kind of fuel for conversation that needs to be out there.

Not to mention, Georgia has a manageable schedule.  God forbid they lose to Boise State and maneuver their way into the SEC championship game.

On September 3rd, remember, you aren’t rooting for Georgia.  You’re rooting for Auburn in 2012 and 2013 when we begin the season ranked out of the top ten.  You’re rooting for Auburn in 2012 when we go undefeated.  You’re rooting for the SEC to continue its string of dominance.

32 Days

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