Countdown to Football

37 DaysPreseason Visions:

1.  Opening night will be a let down.

Thursday night football has become a Week 1 tradition for the college football season.  Usually, a decent matchup involving SEC teams kicks off the season with an interesting bang.  Last season (if my memory serves me well), the Pac 10 had a late game on Thursday night making it one of the better opening nights in football history.

This season?  Miss. State @ Memphis is your best option.  Unless you’re on the edge of your seat waiting on the UNLV@Wisconsin game which kicks off at the same time.

To compare, last year’s opening night feature games with Ohio State, Miami, USC (at 11pm), and Utah/Pittsburgh which was a thriller.

2.  You’ll have free time from 2-6pm central on Saturday of Week 1

The morning games feature our local favorites including Auburn vs. Utah State to kick off the day.  The afternoon games are duds unless you’re hankering to see BYU and Ole Miss slug it out.

The evening games provide serious excitement.  Two games to choose from – Boise/Georgia or LSU/Oregon?

One puts the reputation of the SEC on the line and also gives Boise the chance to truly assert itself as a college football power.  The other has national championship implications and could really springboard a team through the season.

3.  Names we’ve never heard of will be known.

A lot of talent left for the NFL last season.

The 2008 recruiting class was loaded with star power as juniors dominated the draft.

Patrick Peterson, AJ Greene, Julio Jones, Daquan Bowers, Marcel Dareus, Janoris Jenkins, Mark Ingram, and Michael Floyd.

Nick Fairley, Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Akeem Ayers, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and Cam Heyward are also gone to the NFL.

Not to mention Terrell Pryor bolting from Ohio State amidst the turmoil.

Those players have been common names in college football the past few years, and many newcomers will have to step up to fill their shoes.

It will be interesting to see which unknowns have taken winter and summer workouts seriously and which unknowns create their own hype for future NFL drafts.

4.  One player will win the Heisman Trophy in Week 7, and a second player will win the Heisman Trophy in December. 

It was Denard Robinson’s to lose by midseason.  He was a lightning strike in a Michigan thunderstorm every week.  No one could keep up.  He was the only reason why Michigan was competitive, and he was a media-friendly, likable college kid with a cool nickname.

By season’s end, it was no question Cam Newton was the Heisman Trophy winner.  By season’s end, Robinson wasn’t even invited to New York.

37 Days

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