Countdown to Football

47 Days

“Are you kidding me?!?”

“Mr. Athletic Director, look, I’m sorr-”

“The power bill is double what it was last year!  Why the hell has the A/C been turned down ten extra degrees!  It’s freezing!”

“My office and my chair, they’re just, well it’s just so hot outside, ya know?”

Mark Richt’s power bill has gone up.

From 2002-2008, every year but one did Mark have a 10 win season.

But in 2009, he had an 8 win season and in 2010, he had a 6 win season.

If Richt can’t improve, he’s going to need his own window unit especially considering Muschamp and Dooley are very young inexperienced head coaches.

Mack Brown’s carrying an extra handkerchief in his pocket.

It’s been two years since Brown was in the BCS championship game, but something seemed off last year.

Almost tiring.  Like the program had run out of gas.

He may have some time, but he may be cautiously eyeing those retirement papers if he can’t keep up with the rest of the nation.

Paul Wulff at Washington State.

“But Washington State is such a doormat!”

And the coach before him could win 5-6 games a year.  Mike Price won 10 games from 2001-2003.

Wulff is 5-32.  That’s around a .135 winning percentage.

He’s probably past the sweating phase and just kickin’ it until he’s run out of town.

Greg Schiano might want to keep some extra hundred dollar bills around to wipe his forehead.

Not so much because he has been a terrible coach.

But Rutgers – a traditionally bad football team – is pumping tons of money into Schiano’s program.

Schiano makes 2.25 million per year, and he’s convinced boosters to fund facility improvements.

And Rutgers still looks like Rutgers.

Football and school spirit is why we watch.

But it’s the drama of the offseason that keeps us talking.

Soon, we’ll start figuring out talking points for next January-July.

And coaching changes are always fun.

47 Days

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