Countdown to Football

50 Days

“I don’t think you guys are cheating, but I must say I wish Vandy was playing you again this year.  2008 was a lot of fun!” 

As I sit here in the Music City drinking coffee and watching the news, I can’t help but be bothered by this comment.

Not necessarily because it’s the same ole belittling we’ve been hearing since the day after the BCS championship game.

But because people tend to take delight in wanting to beat Auburn. 

People are not only relieved to see Auburn down.  They’re literally excited about it. 

I remember in 2005 watching USC almost lose to Fresno State.  I was giddy at the thought of the mighty Trojans going down.  Watching them fall off of the map by losing to a mid-major. 

When Vince Young crossed the goal line for the final time as a Texas Longhorn, I jumped out of my seat. 

Chris Leak’s performance against Ohio State in 2006 always produces a fine memory. 

Jacquiz Rogers running all over USC sending Mark Sanchez into a temper tantrum is another source of happiness. 

In 2010, I yelled almost as loud as I yell for Auburn when Garcia connected with Alshon’s right hand as he sprinted down the field solidifying South Carolina’s victory over the unbeaten Crimson Tide. 

What is it about those games that made excited?  Gave me delight? 

It’s the fact that they’re the powerhouses finally be usurped from their college football throne.  It’s the fact that they don’t actually wear a crown of invincibility.  It’s the fact that watching the giant fall produces music as he crashes into the ground. 

Auburn wears the crown right now.  The Heisman.  The championships.  The undefeated season.  The recruiting classes.  The seemingly ongoing victory over the NCAA rumors. 

People are waiting to see this giant fall.  Most believe it will happen on the field this year. A select few believe it will happen off. 

But one thing I do know – we are the kings of college football, and we have a group of young men who by no means plan on giving it up easily. 

50 Days

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