Auburn Positives

McCalebb has shown time and again that even at 170 pounds he is a force in the SEC

#1. We got a W vs a team many had us losing to.  And, MSU is a legit team, but they’re also still MSU.  They may win 9, but they could also be a 6-6 team…doubt it, but they could be.  We got their very best Saturday, and they came up short.

#2.  59 total Off. snaps, 35 points.  Not bad.  This offense is ahead of schedule.  They’re not hitting on all cylinders yet, and still scoring points.  That was a pretty good, very fired up, and very physical defense Auburn faced.

#3.  The OL looked much more cohesive in week 2.  Definitely not on par with last year’s veteran group, but way far ahead of where I expected them to be this early.

#4.  Trotter, one very bad decision didn’t negate an otherwise solid performance.  Not stellar, but solid.

#5.  Tre Mason continues to wow on KOR, and now is getting some touches on offense.  He’ll be a game breaker sooner rather than later.

#6.  Mike Dyer.  Just a hoss.  He’s good.  He’s tough.  He wants yards.  He gets yards.

#7.  To all the McCalebb haters.  He got 15 touches and averaged 6+ yards per.  Any way you slice it, that’s efficient. He tips the scales at 170 playing RB in the SEC…he cannot survive trying to get that extra yard or 2 lowering his shoulder.  He’s a role player, and playing his role effectively.

#8.  This one was huge, Chizik was all up in some faces yesterday.  If you doubt that he is the head coach after yesterday, then you’re crazy.  I think it was at 14 all yesterday…Auburn had come out early, played inspired, got a break on the pick 6, but the refs were trying to tone the extracurricular down with flags, and Mississippi State had gotten up off the mat after we hit them in the mouth.

We had a 3 and out, and they showed Chizik walk up to Malzahn, remove his headset, lean in, and you could clearly read his lips: “You have GOT to move the ball!”  There was another time, not long after that where he was clearly irate, and jumping several players and coaches, as well as refs the entire game.  It was around this time I texted a buddy of mine that was in the stadium, and it read: “We’re on the verge of getting blown out if we don’t get our s#&t together”.   I felt like this was a mental and emotional turning point in the game.  We, too, got up off the mat after being counter punched, when we were on the verge of laying down or losing our cool.  You couldn’t detect it by watching the plays, but a young team that could have lost it all mentally, was corralled, and played much better from there out.   And that was clearly on Chizik.

#9.  A bone one for the otherwise horrible Defense.  Some kid that I’ve never heard of made a huge tackle on a goal line stand.  I don’t call it game saving, because I never assume that just because a team scores late that they’ll get the 2 point conversion or win it in OT.  It sealed a win without overtime being needed.

#10.  Special teams.  They will win us a game or 2 this year.  A strength, no doubt about it.

If I gave grades it would be Special Teams: A+, Offense B-, Defense D.

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