Thoughts – Week 9

By: Townhallsavoy

Perhaps if Ole Miss would have gone with Admiral Ackbar as their mascot, they would have had more success with their so called “trap game.”


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– What’s ironic (perhaps coincidental?) is that on Thursday, my wife informed me that our DirecTV bill jumped from $51 a month to $94 a month.  No warning.  We discussed switching to Charter, but we did say we enjoyed the HD programming and the numerous channels you get with the basic DirecTV package.

– Then I turned on channel 209 to watch my Auburn Tigers play.  What?  Where’s the game?  Oh…it’s blacked out on DirecTV and DirecTV only.

– I scrambled to find another channel, but there was no other channel.  Nothing carrying Auburn football.

– My facebook blew up: “How could we let an 83 yard touchdown happen on the 2nd play?”

– Then it blew up even more: “Greatest play ever! Cam for Heisman!”

– I decided to blow caution to the wind.  I threw the dog in her crate, and I took off to my parents house which is 15 minutes away.

– This caused serious trouble for me.  My wife and I were going to leave a few minutes before halftime and make it to our friend’s party (which involved watching the game) by the start of the 3rd quarter.  Me deciding to go to my parents house while my wife was stuck in traffic trying to get home to get ready and go?  Not a good idea.

– But then, of course, as I’m pulling into my parents’ driveway, I get a text message from a friend – “DirecTV finally fixed it.  The game’s back on.”

– So, thanks to DirecTV, I missed most of the 1st quarter, my wife was really pissy, and we missed most of the 3rd quarter trying to get to this stupid party I didn’t want to go to anyway.

– Charter, here we come.


– All personal troubles aside, this was one of the most complete games we’ve had this year.  Which is good because we had a complete game last week too.

– I know defense was an issue, especially early on, but the 1st string D really shut Ole Miss down once they got 17 points.  The last two touchdowns were more garbage than anything really.  I think their last touchdown came against our 2nd and 3rd stringers while they still had their 1st string in.

– Cam Newton for Heisman?  It should be a lock, but we know how this goes.  LaMichael James had 239 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns to lead Oregon against USC @USC.  I know Cam had good stats, but for this one game only, James was more impressive.  And yes, the voters and media are morons and will try to argue that James deserves more recognition for the Heisman based on one game only.

– And it’s going to be difficult for Cam to remain at the top for the next week.  Oregon finishes out the toughest part of their schedule while Auburn plays UT-C.

– Then, if Cam has anything remotely pedestrian against Georgia followed by a bye-week, it’s going to be a very very close race heading into the last two weeks of the season.

– Mike Dyer will be considered one of if not the best running back in the nation next season.  Every game it seems like he gets more and more comfortable with the speed of the college game.  He is a man amongst boys, and once he’s worn out those boys, O-Mac comes in to take it to the house.


– You scare me more than Alabama.  Offensively, despite a few errant throws by Murray, you look amazing.  AJ Greene is a freak-NFL talent, and the two running backs are good enough to control the clock.

– Defensively, you might not be able to stop Cam Newton and our offense, but I bet it’s good enough to cause a couple of turnovers.  Turnovers lead to upsets over big teams.

– In two weeks, I think Auburn plays its toughest game of the season.  Do we look ahead to Alabama?  Do we assume we just take care of business against Georgia?  Does Georgia put together a good team right here at the end to set up momentum for the 2011 season?

– Probably not, but I don’t like the feeling.


– Another scary team.  If Florida’s offense gets going even just a little bit, they’re one of the best teams in the SEC.  Too much NFL talent with a stout defense.

– If Florida sneaks into the SEC championship, it will make one hell of a story and one hell of a matchup.  I really think the more Florida’s running game matures, the more potent their passing game will be.

Michigan St/Missouri…

– Not even going to put up a fight?  Just take your punches and go home?  I mean, that was pathetic on both parts.

– Michigan State I can understand getting beat.  They needed a lot of luck and trickery to get by teams like Notre Dame, and Notre Dame lost to Tulsa and Navy.  (Navy lost to Duke by the way).

– But Missouri at least beat a few quality opponents.

Miss St…

– I look at Miss St like I look at Vanderbilt.  You can’t help but be happy for them when they are successful.

– The Bulldogs are 7-2.  They could potentially finish the season 9-3 and maybe 10-2.  They have victories against Georgia, @Florida, and they nearly beat Auburn.

– Dan Mullen will be coach of the year if they win 2 of their final 3, and he’ll lock it up if he simply beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa.


– Speaking of sad teams you always feel sorry for, Baylor is also 7-2.

– If they can win 2 of their finaly 3, their coach will probably be Big 12 coach of the year.

– They were one touchdown away from beating/tying Texas Tech, and they will probably beat Texas A&M.  After beating Texas, they can claim ownership of the state of Texas because they beat 2 of the 3 other BCS Texas teams.

– Oh wait…they lost 45-10 against that pesky BCS buster TCU.

TCU/Utah/Boise State…

– Speaking of these three schools, why or why is Boise State getting all of the spotlight?

– Over the last five games, TCU has given up 16 points.  I think they’ve only give up one touchdown.

– Now you may say, “Well look at those sucky opponents!”  And I agree.  But the media hype machine says to look at the same thing with Boise and then look at how Boise has taken care of business.

– When I compare the two, I see a much more impressive record with TCU.  They are simply shutting down and owning every team that they play.

– Also, if the media was really smart, they would hype Utah.  Utah is going to the Pac 12 next year, and what better way to get the college football world excited about them than to showcase them as an unstoppable up and coming program?  Compare them to Florida State.

– Boise State is getting the spotlight because their field is blue, they ran a trick play to beat Oklahoma five years ago, and Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend on TV.

– It’s about as close to Glee invading college football as you can get.


– Bring it, Oregon.

– Our team is used to teams piling up yards and points on us.

– Our offense will run circles around your skinny ass defense.

– Our fans can handle a close game deep into the 4th quarter.

– Our team won’t choke like USC or give up like Tennessee.

– We’re all ready for you in Glend…oh wait…what’s that? Georgia, Alabama, and possibly Florida is on the line?

– Hang out for a while, Oregon.  We’ll see you soon.

Final Thought…

– All we do is win.  That’s all you need to know.

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