Thoughts Week 8

By: Townhallsavoy

We sat literally five feet from the LSU band, and ten rows up from the LSU locker room.  We were amongst fellow Auburn fans, but the LSU visitors were right against us.

“Their players look bigger than us,” my friend said.
“They are.  A lot of these guys look NFL ready,” I said.

We weren’t sure if our orange and blue team of magic could overcome the talent disparity.  LSU has years of top 5 recruiting classes on their depth chart.  We have one.

Patrick Peterson.  Rueban Randle.  Russell Shephard.  Drake Nevis.  Kelvin Shepherd.  All future top round draft picks.  Plus many more.

They were big and physically impressive.  And across the field stood one man warming up.  He was the most dominant presence in the stadium.

Tiger Walk…

– Before the stadium was even open to the non-student sections, Cam Newton was electrifying the atmosphere.  Tiger Walk was exciting in a calm way like it usually is.  Kids were on their father’s shoulders.  Recruits were lined up inside the barriers.  The team was led by the cheerleaders and most of the players just looked focused and ready to get dressed.

– But that one man is a rockstar.  Cam Newton walked confidently down the skinny walkway with a large smile.  His hands connecting with every fan he could quickly reach.  The noise level was as loud as when Nick Fairley suplexed Jordan Jefferson.


– Cam Newton seemed to know precisely what to do and what to say during pregame warm ups.  It’s almost as if he understands exactly what it takes to get his team hyped up for the game yet keep them focused on the task at hand.

– He’s the leader of leaders.  He sprints excitedly down the line of players ready to run down the field to surround the punt.  He leads the team out of the tunnel.  He’s the fastest man across the field to give a warm greeting to the alumni section.

The Heisman Trophy…

– He is the clear cut favorite to win the Heisman.  He’s exactly what the trophy was made for.  Without Cam, this team would be nothing more than the next good team.  But with Cam, we are not just in the running for the SEC championship.  We’re already establishing this as one of the most enjoyable, worthwhile seasons in Auburn’s history.  It’s electric.  It’s magical.  And Cam Newton has been the most essential part of the formula.


– This team has come together to field one of the best teams in the country.  This was a complete game.

– Cam Newton and the offense are unstoppable.  How many #1 defenses have we crushed and destroyed?  South Carolina’s #1 rush defense?  Squashed.  LSU’s #1 SEC defense?  Embarrassed.

– Most impressive was our own defense.  I understand that LSU’s offense is terrible, but we have a habit of making terrible offenses look good.  Our defense played lights out most of the game, and they also overcame poor field position.

– We were pinned inside the ten yard line five times.  LSU’s special teams were killing us.  But we persevered.

– Statistics show (I’m making this up) that when you’re pinned inside the ten, that usually turns into points for the other team.  You get a few safe plays in just to get the punt off.  The other team starts at the 50 and gets at least a field goal.  Our offense and defense both overcame this challenge.

– I forgive our passing game in this one.  Patrick Peterson was the 2nd most impressive player of the day.  He looked like a robot with his every movement perfectly disguising his coverage and then his superhuman speed covering 1/2 of the field.  For a good while, LSU’s safeties weren’t taking any steps back to even care about the pass.  I think that was because Peterson had the secondary on lock down.


– Les Miles is a good coach.  Kinda stupid.  But his players love him.  His team always fights their ass off.  And he produces tough-minded teams that play good defense.

– It’s Crowton that needs to be fired.  The guy is a moron.  He doesn’ t understand strategy.  And he’s not coaching up the quarterbacks.

– You have all-world talent on your offense, and you have one of the worst offenses in the NCAA.  Pathetic.

LSU Fans…

– Speaking of pathetic…

– As the Auburn band/dance team/color guard were making their around the field in the pregame festivities, the LSU fans sitting in the lower level started chanting “slut.”  Obviously directed towards our dance team and color guard, the girls winced and looked shocked that anyone would go that far in talking trash before a football game.

– It was unnecessary and classless.  But the LS-WHO chant we chalked up at the end felt much sweeter because of it.


– It’s slowly creeping up.  The Iron Bowl will decide the SEC championship.


– You can’t fool me with that final score.  I saw the 34-3 or whatever it was at halftime.  You blew that Kentucky team out and then let them come back so that Florida and Auburn would think you still suck.

– What’s going on with Georgia?  Are they really this good now?  Are teams just not taking them seriously?

– This game scares me more than the Alabama game.


– Another #1 goes down.  I love being right.  Although, I didn’t think Oklahoma would be as good as they have been.


– Hahahaha you suck.


– Oregon has blown out teams by utilizing their speed on offense to cut and gash through defenses.  Some have compared Oregon’s offense to Auburn’s.  I don’t see the comparison.  Auburn isn’t running through holes 20 yards wide (literally, a few were that wide against UCLA).  I’m not sure Oregon can handle playing a big, physical defense.

– They’ll find out next Saturday against USC.

Boise State…

– Hey Boise!  I know you just watched Oregon dismantle an FBS school, and you just watched Auburn defeat #6 ranked LSU.  You also probably know that Auburn has just played 3 or 4 schools in a row that could easily win your conference and possibly go undefeated in it.

– But the good news is, as the media will posit over the next few days, that you get to showcase what you’re all about on national TV on Tuesday.  You can prove that you deserve to be in the discussion by beating the high quality Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.

– I won’t be impressed unless it’s 91-0.

The Finale

– A four/five game stretch.

Auburn: @Ole Miss, UT-C, Georgia, @Alabama
Oregon: @USC, Wash, @Cal, Arizona, @Oregon State

– Can these two teams do it?  Can they run the table and meet in Glendale?

– It’ll be tough for both in my opinion.  I don’t think Oregon wins @USC, and I’m not sure we can win @Alabama.

– Exciting season finale it will be.

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