Thoughts Week 2

By: Townhallsavoy

– 12 hours of football, three meals, one dog walk, and a nap.  Is that the definition of a perfect Saturday?


– Well, it’s been a few days, but I must throw this thought out there – our offense isn’t worthy of the hype.  The stats have been thrown around by our rivals, but Malzahn’s offense studders against good SEC defenses.  While it may not be complete shut down, it’s not a juggernaut that can’t be stopped.  It’s not going to always keep us competitive in a shoot out.  It’s not any different than the other offenses in the league.

– Which is why the defense stepping up was so important.  When it comes down to the nitty gritty, our team is very similar to other SEC teams.  An offense that tries to put up at least 21 points with 350+ yards of offense and a defense that tries to limit the other team to less than 21 points with less than 350 yards of offense.  We’re never going to be a team that scores so many points that it hides a poor defense or out-performs the best SEC defenses.

– The defense stepped up on the line of scrimmage against Miss State.  I still wasn’t impressed by the secondary.  Miss State had their opportunities.  A lot of drops on their part led to our victory.  We can complain about the soft coverages all day long, but soon, we’re going to have to admit that our corners simply can’t play man without giving up big plays.

– I was originally expecting 10-2 with losses to LSU and Bama.  I’m now thinking 8-4 or 9-3.  We’ll sneak up on a few like we did Tennessee and Ole Miss last year, but I’m not so sure we’ll beat Arkansas, Clemson, or South Carolina with the state of our team right now.


– Undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.  A lot of analysts (, Herbstreit) are trying to downplay the performance against Penn State.  Did they forget that Penn State has four NFL-potential defensive linemen?  Did they watch Alabama’s offensive line and freakazoid running back power through them like they were peewee runts getting their required play time?

– Alabama’s defense was suspect at times, but it won’t matter in the long run as the offense is picking up the slack.  McElroy is going through his reads.  The running game is unstoppable.  They’re going to be very difficult to beat, and honestly, they look like a team that can’t be beat by another team.  Other teams will have to wait until they beat themselves.

– Which is possible.  Their superstar – Julio Jones – could give a game away.  Muffed punts and dropped passes are a good way to turn the ball over and give the other team momentum.  The defense is opportunistic, but sometimes, that leads to giving away big plays instead of making them.


– You suck.


– Welcome back?  Perhaps you aren’t back to the level of the olden times when you were consistently competing for the Big 10 championship and churning out NFL players.  However, I’m not sure the Big 10 has the competition to keep up with you.  Penn State looked down.  Wisconsin is still a vanilla team that relies solely on a good running back.  Iowa always has a few slip ups.  I think Ohio State is your only real obstacle.  Which, if you ask me, can be overcome.

Ohio State…

– Ohio State took advantage of Miami’s mistakes.  They capitalized on good field position.  They used the legs of Pryor to move the chains.  The defense was always around the ball to make the big play.

– But were they really challenged by a good football team?  Perhaps athletically as two of Miami’s scores came on special teams.  In my opinion, Miami was poorly coached.  A few of Harris’s interceptions were caused by incorrect routes.  One was a dropped pass tipped to a defender.  So how exactly do we assess the Ohio State football team from that?  You can’t really.  But they won fairly easily, so I guess we have to give them their due.


– You can’t be undisciplined off the field and expect to be disciplined on the field.  It’s the end of Mark Richt.  Not because he can’t win a national championship.  It’s because he is losing a grip on his team and it’s showing on the field.

South Carolina…

– Your SEC East champions.  If they keep playing like this, they will most definitely win the East.  I’m not saying they’re going to run the table, but Florida is surely going to lose to Alabama and possibly LSU.  Georgia will drop another.  Tennessee isn’t any good.  As long as South Carolina gets by Auburn or Florida, they’ll take a trip to Atlanta in December.

– Lattimore is a future NFL star.  The guy has strength, speed, and vision.  A true superstar in the making.

Final thought…

– Boise State is finished.  The media hype is crushed.  Virginia Tech let out a big fart (perhaps on purpose) that stunk up Boise State’s chances of an NC.  What did Virginia Tech have to lose?  Nothing to James Madison.  Wouldn’t that be a great payback to the Broncos?




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