The Quandry for Opposing Coaches

What will the Ol' Ball Coach do to stop Auburn?


The last 2 games we’ve spotted opponents 3 TD leads.  The logical thing to do with such a lead, is to go a little more conservative in play calling, run the ball, and run the clock.  Granted, if it’s still in the first half, you got to run your offense, but no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you’re going to err on the side of conservative play calling.  That’s the rub…you can’t run the ball on Auburn, and before you know it…you’re in 3rd and long, and predictable situations.  So fucking what we give up yards and points through the air?   No coach in this league has the guts to keep slinging the ball up by 21 or more, and it’s not really the recommended way to go.  But, our offense is 3 possessions, and just a few minutes of clock from catching your ass if you don’t move the chains.

But now when you were getting chunks throwing on first down, you’re now running on first, and second, and the aforementioned 3rd and long happens, once, punt, Auburn scores, and again, and it’s now a ball game.   And, IF you decide to keep the hammer down, and throw a couple of picks that lets us back in the game?  My oh my, you’ll be roasted by the know it all fans.   Then, just when you realize you’re in some fucking trouble with a once comfortable lead…our defense starts pinning their ears back and making things happen.  In this game, it just so happened that they were making a few plays that kept the lead from getting insurmountable, and then just got better.

If I was Spurrier, I’d throw the ball 60 times next week, and 45 of them t Jefferies, and I would do it if I was up by 3 scores or down by 3 scores.  My plan would be to win by 30, at the risk of losing by 30.  Does he think he can impose his will on us with Lattimore?

Our offense?  Not a one man show, but we got one man that is damn good.  We also have an OC that came in to the IB with a very conservative game plan.  After all, we’ve dominated in the trenches…lets push bammer around too.  When you’re a front runner…you stick to what you do.  You don’t assume it won’t work, you assume it will.  The “genius” is in being able to do something else when what you do isn’t working.  Well bammer had a good game plan, and played hard.  Well timed and well conceived blitzes, and good discipline in rush lanes and gap control.  A blueprint for stopping the most prolific offenses in SEC history.  But we keep on keeping on, AND Malzahn makes some nice adjustments.  First half was all powers and sweeps…bammer had it sniffed out…we went to Counters and Zone Cutbacks…and the TD to Lutz was a bit of something different too.  Malzahn did a great job…the Gimmicky HS coach went head to head with the best defense and best Def. coach in the SEC and he out foxed him, and did it in the master’s house.  It wasn’t always pretty,it rarely is against good defenses, but it was enough.  Malzahn never panicked either, nor did the team.

This comeback, on the road, against a very good bammer team, with the NC on the line?  Well it was monumental, and I can’t recall a moment in Auburn football history like it in my lifetime.

If it weren’t for the “issues”…Cam, I believe, would win the Heisman with a margin greater than any in the history of the award.

We have another important game next week.  Like I mentioned, as a front runner…you have to do what you do, so I believe a the losing team coming in to a rematch has an advantage in knowing what you’ll do, while having the freedom to completely revamp their approach to their first game plan.   This team will be emotionally and physically spent after this one…they need to get their head back on straight, and win one more game this next Sat. in Atl.

War Damn Eagle.  It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger.

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