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A better comparison?

By: Chizad

When Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel had the audacity to compare Urban Meyer to Bear Bryant Almighty, it ruffled Paul Finebaum’s feathers. He found it his civic duty to write not  one, but two articles obsessing over how blasphemous and sacrilegious it was to make such a claim. He then used it as an opportunity to drive the inane conversations of the inbred callers on his show for weeks, who were of course equally outraged.

I’m taking a page from Finebaum’s book. I too am going to take an article that I have recently read in which the author compares a head coach of whom I’m not a fan with a beloved figure, and obsess over how ridiculously stupid I think the comparison is.

Ray Melick recently compared Nick Saban to Batman.

He concludes his internal debate by pointing out that Nick Saban can’t be Superman, because he’s pretty sure that Saban is human, unlike the man of steel. Therefore, he’s more like Batman. A regular human being who maximizes the opportunities he was given to still be a superhero.

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, Bruce Feldman at ESPN has ranked Saban as the #1 villain in all of college football.

Bruce wrote:

In our recent ESPN The Magazine survey of college players, Saban was the runaway top answer to the question, “Who is the last coach you’d want to play for based on what you know?” In fact, Saban was named almost twice as often as any other coach. Apparently, word from some Tide players has circulated. “Guys never have anything good to say about him,” one SEC player said.

Whoops. That doesn’t sound too much like Batman.Quill

I guess a more fitting comparison for Nick Saban would be the Joker. Public Enemy #1 amongst Batman villains.

I could totally see him stabbing someone in the neck with a quill at a press conference.

And while Melick hesitantly conceded that Saban is in fact a mere human being, most Bama fans are reluctant to do so.

chizikbatmanIf there’s a coach in this state who is optimizing the hand he’s dealt this year, it’s got to be Gene Chizik. Chizik inherited an unfavorable environment. Think of a 5-7 record last year as a Gotham City overrun by evil doers. He had to earn the respect of a resistant fanbase, much like how Batman was not immediately trusted by the people of Gotham. Batman has the awesome Batmobile, Chizik has awesome limos. Ok, now I’m stretching.

But while history has yet to be written on Chizik’s success at Auburn, most Auburn fans will agree that so far in his nine-month offseason, he’s done his share to save the day.

Besides, if Saban is the Joker, who else would be Batman? Lane Kiffin? Give me a break. Kiffin is a better fit for Jim Carrey’s whimsically maniacal portrayal of The Riddler.

Not only is Chizik inherently the good guy by simply being Auburn’s head coach, more importantly he has the chiseled chin that just looks right under that mask.

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