Lebo and "The Dance"

Lebo1by: Chizad

A month ago, Jeff Lebo’s position as head Auburn basketball coach appeared to be in jeopardy.  Many Auburn fans had set the ultimatum that if he didn’t make it to the NCAA tournament this year, he needed to pack it up.

Little did we know,  the selection committee would take this whole “The SEC is weak this year” concept and run with it to the extreme. So much so that apparently this year a team ranked second in their division of a major NCAA conference with 20 wins  (and counting) is not only not being talked about as one of the 65 teams making it into the tournament, it’s considered ridiculous to discuss them as one of approximately 30 bubble teams.

Members of the selection committee have stated that a very important factor in the selection is how a team plays down the stretch. However, the fact that Auburn is currently one of the hottest  teams in the nation and certainly the SEC, finishing strong with 7 wins out of the last 8 games, apparently means absolutely nothing.

Jerry Palm of RPI.com had this to say about Auburn:

I can’t answer my phone or check my e-mail without getting a question about Auburn, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. The Tigers are a slightly above average team in the weaker division of a below average major conference. They have a one-point win at home over Tennessee, and that’s it. Yes, the Tigers have won seven of eight, but other than Tennessee, the wins have come over the other league punching bags. There’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along, please.

Jerry clearly fails to realize that the “weaker” division is 17-16 against the mighty Eastern division. He also apparently does not realize that Kentucky has only won 3 out of their last 10 to these same “punching bags” ranking two spots behind Auburn in the conference. They’re solidly on the bubble according to most bracketologists, including Jerry.lebo2

Despite this, beating #11 LSU this weekend won’t be enough for Auburn. According to the experts, we’re going to have to win the SEC tournament as well, or we’re not getting in.

In my opinion, regardless of whether or not this happens, Lebo is going to lead us in a dance of some sort.

The NIT? Oh yeah. Probably that too.

I was talking about the spastically frantic cousin of the Humpty Hump. The Lebo.

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