A Tale Of Two Cities

Auburn From Google Earth

Auburn From Google Earth

by: Chizad
Auburn and Alabama fans will quibble to claim superiority in any imaginable field, no matter how trivial.

Believe it or not, an Alabama fan will actually make the claim that Tuscaloosa is nicer and/or more aesthetically pleasing than Auburn. You can’t really blame them. I’m sure Pistons Fans think Detroit is a beautiful city as well.

To add to this confusion, the most vocal group of Alabama fans are the ones who have never actually stepped foot in the city, let alone attended college there. They have only heard folk tales from their gran-pappy about a magical land in which the rivers flow with houndstooth patterned water and Bear Bryant sits at the golden gates only allowing the most ardent of Alabama fans into his wondrous kingdom.

So allow me to put this “debate” to rest once and for all.

Exhibit A:

Tuscaloosa From Google Earth

Tuscaloosa From Google Earth

See the images from Google Earth presented along the left side of this post.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Exhibit B:

Recently, the city of Auburn was selected by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Top 10 best places to live in the United States.

Two weeks later, the city of Tuscaloosa recieved some national attention of its own.

The Associated Press ran a story about how living there can cause you to develop cancer from breathing the toxic fumes that emanate from the city.

So remember, recruits. You can spend the next four years of your life at one of the top 10 nicest cities in the United States, or get cancer.




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